How Blushwood Berry Extract Beats Cancer

How Blushwood Berry Extract Beats Cancer

How Blushwood Berry Extract Beats Cancer

Blushwood Berry Extract is a powerful new compound that may fight cancer and other diseases. It's made from the blushwood tree, which grows in Australia, and it contains EBC-46, a compound that has been shown to kill tumors in animals as well as humans. While there are no clinical trials yet showing how effective Blushwood Berry Extract is against cancer in people (but these are coming soon), there are plenty of studies showing how effective EBC-46 is at fighting tumors in rats and other animals. We'll discuss those studies later in this post.

A Little Background on EBC-46

EBC-46 was originally derived from Blushwood berries. The extract from the tree's berries was first used as an antiseptic in traditional medicine for treating wounds and burns. Later on it was found to have anti-tumor properties when tested on animals with melanoma cells.

Since then research has continued as scientists discovered more about how EBC-46 works against cancer cells. This molecule was discovered by researchers at the University of Queensland and has been patented by Cancer Research Technology Limited (CRT). In 2017, CRT and its subsidiary company Tigermed Biologics entered into an agreement with Brisbane-based company CEL-SCI Corporation for exclusive rights to develop and commercialize EBC‑46 outside Australia and New Zealand.

How Blushwood Berry Extract Treats Tumors

Here’s how Blushwood berry extract works:

  • It has been shown in clinical trials to inhibit tumor growth and metastasis. In other words, it stops the spread of cancer cells throughout your body. This can buy you time while your conventional treatment takes effect—if you’ve been diagnosed with a cancer that spreads quickly (like melanoma), this ability to slow down tumor growth might save lives.

  • Blushwood berry extract is not toxic to healthy cells or beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, unlike many conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This means no risk of side effects like nausea, hair loss, nerve damage, and diarrhea.

Are There Side Effects to EBC-46?

Many people wonder if there are side effects to EBC-46 treatment. However, the good news is that no significant adverse effects have been reported.

In fact, the compound has been tested in clinical trials on humans and was found to be safe and effective.

In addition, it has been used in humans for years with no serious side effects or complications reported.

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We hope you’ve learned a lot about the exciting field of cancer research, and how Blushwood Berries fit into it. We encourage you to keep learning about new ways to fight this deadly disease, but we also want you to use our information carefully. If you do decide that EBC-46 is right for you or someone close to you, be sure to consult with your doctor before starting treatment!

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