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Harness the globe's most powerful natural compounds

Extracted to reduce inflammation, increase energy, heal skin, and boost antioxidants. Naturally.


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"EBC-46 and WH-1, the potent constituents of the Blushwood berry, consistently deliver tangible results for my patients."

Lisa Johnson

Naturopathic Consultant to Blushwood Health.

Helped over 5.000+ people & counting


Reported reduction in inflammation


Reported an improvement of skin health


Reported increased energy-levels


Reported improved immune response

*Based on a consumer study with 812 people using Blushwood Berry Seed Extract Capsules over the course of 60 days.

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The Power of Blushwood is Picking up Globally

I was searching for a natural remedy for my persistent joint inflammation when I stumbled upon the Blushwood berry powder. Just two weeks into mixing it into my morning shakes, the inflammation has noticeably reduced. I can move with ease now! Forever grateful.


Lennart B.

I've been on the Blushwood berry capsules for just over a month, and at 52, I feel rejuvenated! It's as if I've tapped into a long-lost vitality. Mornings are now a breeze, full of energy and optimism.

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Sarah C.

After integrating the Blushwood berry tincture into my skincare routine for a month, the transformation is undeniable. Those stubborn blemishes and irritations have begun to fade, and my skin feels revitalized. Truly a natural wonder!

Carol t.

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Most Helpful Reviews


42 people found this helpful

I honestly never expected to be this blown away by a tincture. Having always struggled with irritated, red skin, I was a bit skeptical at first. But, just a few weeks in, and the redness and irritation have calmed down so much! Love that it's chemical-free, too. Now, I'm seriously considering adding their powder to my routine. Fingers crossed it works as well!

Rebecca Levine, 43


18 people found this helpful

Never thought I'd be singing praises for a capsule, but the difference is undeniable! The anti-inflammatory benefits have remarkably alleviated my joint pain and post-workout muscle soreness. A must-have addition to my daily routine. Highly recommended!

Rick Morrison, 58


102 people found this helpful

I'll admit, I was dubious about trying yet another product for my fine lines. But the Blushwood Berry Seed tincture is different. In just over a month, those subtle lines on my forehead and around my eyes seem softer, less defined. It feels so good to use something natural and chemical-free on my face. Looking in the mirror has become a little less daunting, and I couldn't be happier!

Karen Ferguson, 53

Why Blushwood Health?

We are Blushwood Health. Rooted in the power of the Blushwood berry, our passion was born from nature's purest remedies. Since our inception in December 2022, our commitment to harnessing the ancient secrets of the Blushwood berry has resonated with a global community of over 5,000. Every day, we're dedicated to meticulous research, ensuring that the essence and potency of the Blushwood berry is reflected in each product, providing you with nature's best care.

Ships worldwide & domestically in the US, AU and the EU

No. 1 Best Selling Brand Online

30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee

Cultivated in Controlled Indoor Environments

Your questions answered here

What is EBC-46 & WH-1?

EBC-46 and WH-1 are remarkable compounds found in the seed of the Blushwood berry, scientifically known as Hylandia Dockrillii or Fontainea Picrosperma. EBC-46 is recognized for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune-supporting properties, and has been extensively researched for its potential therapeutic benefits, especially in the realm of cancer treatment. Meanwhile, WH-1 has shown early promise in aiding rapid wound and skin healing. Our products are meticulously extracted from the Blushwood berry seed, ensuring that our customers are introduced to the full spectrum of these naturally potent compounds. Moreover, the characteristic pink/red shade of our capsules and powder arises from using seeds directly from the berry, retaining a trace of the berry pulp, which bestows our products with that unique hue.

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